• Delivering design, research and review of sustainable telecommunication policy and systems for Africa since 2009
  • What we do


    September 2010: Telecom Africa.org aims at designing and researching sustainable solutions for Africa’s digital space; our target audience include high level decision maker’s, industry stakeholders, suppliers and users. From the stakeholder perspective, we work with decision maker’s and designers to help them understand what and which ideas and or solutions are to be encouraged within the region and are sustainable.

    We believe in the power of ready information access to people. At the same time, we believe in the dissemination of filtered information to make the quickest and best impact. However, in an attempt to make a quick and best impact, there is the unforeseen risk of accidentally obscuring useful information; that is the challenge TelecomAfrica.org is interested in. How do we quicken but not hasten Africa’s digital growth? Which products and solutions can best jump-start an exponential growth? We know by chance that an unlimited bandwidth will be good for Africa; that like other developing regions, Africa’s mobile phone subscriber growth has been skyrocketing within the last 5 years and that users’ are demanding more.

    TelecomAfrica will on a country specific bases conduct surveys focusing on user needs and expectations. The African telecommunications industry continues to grow in complexity and potential and as this growth surges, the imbalance between what is needed (by a user) and what is wanted (by a provider) will also surge. At TelecomAfrica we see this challenge as Africa’s next greatest quest of making relevant the ideals of i-capacity building and knowledge sharing to build a better continent.

    Mission and Vision

    Our mission is to research, recommend and encourage best practices in the digital space of Sub-Saharan Africa.

    Our Vision is a African telecommunications and ICT industry where solutions are region specific and where user expectations are exceeded and where limitations are non-existent.